Bed is the most essential requirement of every person, weather he is rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. This is the basic necessity of every human being. Choosing a new bed frame is something which depends on our family, comfort, purchasing power and most important on individual taste. As these are expensive items and we purchase bed according to present requirement, we have to keep the family size also in our selection criteria. So, we have to make our decision with more caution and thinking future expansion of the family. To help you simplify the process, we have chosen TOP 10 KING SIZE BED FRAME 2016.

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Different Types of Bed Frames

Numbers of Legs : Classic bed frames usually has four legs, one in each corner. However, in recent time our taste change and now we have more legs to improve strength and support. Some beds frame has 6, 9 or even 12 legs to give good support and strength to the bed. Legs are totally depend on individual choice, while some prefer more legs for strength, other finds these models more complicated to assemble and dismantle. One thing you should also consider choosing between more legs and 4 legs are the storage space underneath the beds. More legs means less storage and 4 legs means more storage space underneath the bed.

Bed Size Adjustable according to mattress size: Gone are those old day when you cannot do anything to the size of bed, nowadays you can get adjustable bed frames which can be adapted according to different mattress sizes. This help especially to children or oversize people who did not fit according to standard mattress sizes. Adjustable bed size give you more value to money, as you can change the size according to the person sleeping on the bed.

Option for Headboard and foot-board brackets: when you are buying bed frame, consider if that frame has option to add headboard and foot-board brackets for additional support. It always comes handy if you plan a bed frame which can later be used to add such type of additional fitment. You should always make sure that your bed frame includes brackets to add additional elements on later.

Type of Material: The most important thing to choose in bed frame is the type of material which is used to make the bed. There are many options present in the market such as wood, steel, carbon frame etc. You have to choose from these options keeping in mind the actual strength they provide and durability of such product. If you are buying wood frame it will cost you more and you also have to pay for maintenance after some time. In compare to wood frame bed, steel frame are more durable and less in weight, with low maintenance.


Based on all the reviews given by confirm buyers, here are what people are recommending

Assembly Time: Most buyers agree on this fact that bed made with wood take more time to assemble and rather cumbersome, where as many other metal bed frames present in the market can be easily assembled and dismantled. If you are frequent changer of house, then you should consider bed frame made with metal, which help you in easy transportation. Most bed frames god good reviews when buyers spend lesser time to assemble their new bed frames.

Expertise need for assembly: in addition to the time to assemble, it also must be clear in mind how simple is the assemble process, does it require some expert help? Does it require special tool? Is all instruction clear in the manual? Does the frame look similar to the picture provided by the online shop?

Sturdiness: When people purchase bed frame, they make sure that bed frame supports the weight of your mattress as well as you own weigh. Best reviews are on those bed frames which can support more weight and less in weight. Customer score depend fully on the bed frame which are sturdiness in there features.

Useful Tips for Shoppers

Mattress size: As culture and countries change, the mattress size also changes. Mattress size always depends on the average size of people present in those countries. So, if you are ordering mattress online, first and foremost check the size of the mattress and then compare those with your bed frame size. Always check the size in inches or other parameter, don’t go with the term queen size or twin size, and check the length in meter or inches first. For instance, a twin-size bed is also referred to as a single size in some part of the world.

Storage Space: If you live in small apartment and have less leg room, then consider buying bed frame containing ample space underneath the bed. If you want more space you can consider buying bed risers which will increase the bed frame height from the ground.

Aesthetics: If you are buying bed to make a bold fashion statement, then consider the multiple styles of bed frames in the market. From sleigh beds to French style beds to vintage four leg poster bed, there are plenty of choices available in the market to choose from.

Going with the best reviews: If you want to purchase bed frame online; then you must first read all those reviews on different type of beds given by verified buyers. This will always help you making a decision on best bed frame available on your parameter.